send sms worldwide from 2 naira only



sms*< num1,num2,…>*<senderID>*message   Send a text message to listed numbers
sms*<groupname>*<senderID>*message        Send a text message to numbers in a pre-defined group
schedule*<time>*<num1,num2,…>*<senderID>*<message>   Schedule a message at a future time to listed numbers

Schedule message at a future time to pre-defined group

Note: <time> should be in the format 0312 5:00pm for 3rd December, 2010 at 5pm. Current year is implicitly assumed
Church Specific

Contacts Management
Group or grp*<groupname>*<num1,num2,…>     Add numbers to a group, create group if necessary
Group or grp *<groupname>*REMOVE*<num1,num2,…> Remove numbers from a group
Group or grp *<groupname>*DELETE    Delete a group. Contacts are retained.
group *LIST  List all available groups (return as sms to user)
Mobile Registration
register -reg*<First Name>*<Last Name>*<email@address> Phone based registration of user
password - pass*<oldpassword>*<newpass2> Change your password for online access
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