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Don't have access to Internet? No problem, you can still manage your bulk messaging account from your mobile phone from registering, creating groups and sending bulk sms to designated numbers, we have everything in place.

See What You Can do from your mobile below. Just send to our long code +447937900355

(Note that the shorter aliases can also be used in place of the keywords)

sms num1,num2,…*senderID*message   Send a text message to listed numbers. Alias bulk 
sms groupname*senderID*message        Send a text message to numbers in a pre-defined group. Alias bulk
schedule time*num1,num2,…*senderID*message Schedule a message at a future time to listed numbers. Alias sch

schedule time*groupname*senderID*message  

Schedule message at a future time to pre-defined group. Alias sch 

Note: <time> should be in the format 0312 5:00pm for 3rd December at 5pm. Current year is implicitly assumed

Contacts Management
group groupname*ADD*num1,num2,…     Add numbers to a group, create group if necessary. Alias grp
group groupname*REMOVE*num1,num2,… Remove numbers from a group. Alias grp 
group groupname*DELETE    Delete a group. Contacts are retained. Alias grp
groups  List all available groups (return as sms to user). Alias grps
Mobile Registration
register First Name*Last Name*email_address

Phone based registration of user. Alias reg

Note: email address must be valid

password oldpassword*newpass2 Change your password for online access. Alias pass 

Need more? Simply request and we will develop

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