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Anniversary SMS

Anniversary SMS is an advanced SMS functionality  that allows you to create and manage any type of automated SMS from a handful to thousands of contacts.

For instance, an individual may create a birthday sms for his/her friends with messages to be automatically sent out. An organization like a church also can create anniversary sms for church members so the they get SMS Messages on their birthdays

The application allows you to create unlimited number of message templates per contact group (eg church members) and the message will be randomly selected from the list and sent to the recipients so that different recipients celebrating birthday on the same day can have different messages.

The setup is basically a four step process

  1. Anniversary Information
  2. Import Contacts
  3. Message Templates
  4. Finalize Options

Anniversary Information

You access Anniversary SMS from the SEND SMS Navigation link on PluralSMS. Below is a screenshot of the information required.

Name - Birthdays - These name should normally relate to the type of anniversary being created.

Title - The title of the anniversary being created

Description - Any relevant description for the SMS Anniversary





Import Contacts contacts screen lets you import contacts from file. The contacts file should have a minimum of two columns eg Mobile and Date for mobile numbers and birthdays.

First column of file should contain header information eg. Please ensure that birthday is in this format date-month eg 3-aug or 3 aug or 3rd August or aug 3rd. The month must always be text.

The file should be in a csv format (To create a csv, simply save an excel file as CSV).

Click upload and preview contacts type the name for the contacts group.


Message Templates

The next screen is the message template screen. Here, you create or select the messages to be sent to the anniversary you created earlier.

Step I  - Create message - Click on Edit SMS Templates links and click to add a new sms template. Call it a friendly name and type in the message you want and repeat the process for as many message templates you want to store on the system.

Step II - Select the group you created earlier in import contacts - Click add. Now for this group, select message and click on the green arrow to add the message to be delivered. Continue clicking the green arrow to add as many message as you want for this contact group. Click continue when you are done


The finalize options is the last page of the message templates . Finalize options let's you receive a summary message of all birthday celebrants for the day. This allow you know ahead of time, the birthday celebrants for the day.

A church may want to use this option to provide numbers of pastors and other church leaders so they can get sms on members birthdays. 

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